Matters of the Heart-Community Care

Dear Friends and family 

Since 2004, we have been serving seniors and those without homes in our community by, providing personal care items, clothing, food and more. And most importantly, we are sharing the love of Jesus. If you are able, we invite you to join with us this year to help those in need.  Here is what you can do in support of Operation Love: First, daily prayer and encouragement. for seniors and those without homes in our community and around the world. and the faithful partners and volunteers of Hope 1 Ministries, Inc. Second, please consider making a donation to Operation Love Food Program. Third, become a volunteer or monthly partner of Hope 1 Ministries. The $20 Grocery Budget – HOPE4ME (

Sunday, September 26th, 2021, Hope 1 Ministries launched Operation Love “Senior Care Food Program” at JL Young Senior Apartments. In total we were able to distribute 700lbs of food to residents as well as personal care items and clothing.  As we continue to build upon this relationship with the residents of JL Young our goal is to grow Hope 1 ministries Senior Care Food program into multiple sites for seniors and those without homes. By, November 2022 our goal for Operation Love “Senior Care Food Program is to distribute up to 1000 pounds of food every other month. for senior and those without homes we serve faithfully in our community.   

In addition to providing food, personal care items and clothes to seniors. We have some additional resources that we are working on to support seniors in our community and those without homes such as: on site prayer and encouragement from the Hope 1 Ministries intercessors, free bibles and more. 

Please know that we at Hope 1 Ministries are so blessed by your prayers and faithful financial support throughout the years. This particular ministry opportunity is close to us because of the love God has placed into our heart for seniors since, the passing of my father in-law in 2011. Seniors will always be at the center of all that we do at Hope 1 Ministries   

God bless you and thank you for your support and prayers. See below for details on how you can help us help hurting people around the world, as well as discover encouragement just for you. 



A generous heart is always full

But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish. 

Psalm 9:18

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