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Hope 1 Ministries Talking Points 2015

Mission – Hope 1 Ministries is a non-profit organization focused on providing encouragement  comfort to restore hurting people by providing resources, solutions and supplies to alleviate their distress.

Our key initiatives include: Faith  Family  Community  Education


  • Transforming young lives through mentorship
  • Elite Girls leadership & Mentor Program– Girls ages 7-17, learn life skills, good character and behavior management taught through education and hands on projects. The mentor program is to provide the instruction, tools and resources that will lead to transformed lives. Girls are encouraged to explore themes and ideas that develop a sense of self-worth, as well as appreciate the worth and value of others and the world in which they live.  When girls have better understanding of who they are and how they connect with their communities, they are better prepared to become productive and socially responsible adults.
  • Elite Girls Summer Camp- girls ages 5 through 12 learn basic life skills during this 8 weeks summer enrichment program which include arts and crafts, character and leadership skills, personal care and spa days.
  • Community based bible study design to disciple women of all agesimg_1061-1
  • Women of the Word- Is design to help women from all ages and backgrounds gain a comprehensive understanding of the bible through weekly small group bible studies. In our efforts to provide this step by step systematic bible study women are regaining self-   confidence and healthier self- esteem. Women are incredibly valuable to this world! When they are thriving within they too are connected with the world around them, which helps them make better choices for themselves.
  • Community Outreach Project
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  • Operation Love– Over the last ten years Operation love has distributed 1200 personal care bags to the homeless, 500 gift baskets to the elderly. Within the last four years we have provided 100 food box including personal care items to single families within the community during, the holiday seasons.
  • An estimated75 million people experience homelessness each year. The lucky ones are given space in crowded homeless shelters, which often provide a small sleeping area and, sometimes, a meal. Rarely are the homeless given the basic hygiene supplies necessary to maintain their health and confidence. Everyone should be able to look themselves in the mirror. Access to basic personal supplies can give these homeless people a greater sense of self and a brighter outlook on life.
  • It is experiencing the Love of God that helps us overcome.

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  • We purchase beautiful items to prepare gift bags to deliver to many seniors in our community on Christmas Day.
  • We support a local Assisted Living Facility that houses 6-8 residents with personal hygiene items and other lovely gifts on Christmas Day
  • We provide other seniors in other states and within the community with personal care items throughout the year.
  • We collect and prepare food boxes for single-parent families in need during the holidays and throughout the year.
  • We collect eye wear and toiletry items to donate to people in Jamaica in need of resources and supplies.
  • We will collect and distribute clothing, personal care items, and other supplies for families and children in New Mexico.
  • We purchase school supplies to be distributed to children in need during back-to- school time in our community.
  • We support a local Christian school by supplying supportive items to the teaching staff and administrators.
  • We also train, develope, and educate leaders in the areas of evangelism and outreach
  • We purchase and distribute gifts to build the self-esteem of women and girls through
  • Elite Girls Mentor Group
  • Women of Courage
  • Women of the Word outreach 


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Tampa North Rotary Club New Dictionaries Giveaway to 5th Graders at Oak Park Elementary.

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