Evangelism and Local Outreach

When you feed OTHERS, you are feeding Christ.

Proclaiming the Gospel is a Non-Negotiable.

It’s not a calling for some, but a commission for anyone who associates with Christ.

Operation Love embraces men and women experiencing homelessness and poverty with the compassion of Jesus Christ, as he alone gives hope and healing for a restored life.

Meeting Location: 4605 North Armenia Avenue Suite #A

Contact: hope14me@yahoo.com

Ministry Site #1 Homeless Ministry-  Downtown Tampa Address TBA

Ministry Site #2 Women Children and Single Families TBA

Ministry Site #3 Seniors Of Tampa Bay

operation Love community outreach

Visiting the elderly within our community and abroad  (Summit Health Care Center in Columbus, Ohio).  Hope 1 Ministries, Inc. shares the Good News of Jesus Christ with hundreds of people every year.

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