Operation Love Annual Christmas Outreach-Thank You!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without your time, effort, and hard work, our “Operation Love Annual Christmas Outreach would not have been the tremendous success it was. Those personal care items and food donations truly made the difference, and I don’t even know what I would have done without your prayers and words of encouragement in 2021! Again, my deepest thanks. 

  • To all of you who faithfully attend our virtual bible study every week, thank you for staying committed to the Word of God despite cultural pressure to do otherwise. 
  • To all of you who serve in our ministry, thank you for staying faithful to your tasks even when things get mundane or routine. 
  • To all of you who stepped in to help teach in our various ministries and programs, thank you for studying diligently and communicating clearly. 
  • To all of you who encourage the downtrodden on a regular basis, thank you for lifting heavy burdens by speaking the truth in love. 
  • To all of you who faithfully give of your time, talents, and treasure towards the work here, thank you for your spirit of joy and generosity. 
  • To all of my fellow leaders thank you for leading with me in joy and zeal despite hardship. 
  • To my husband, children, parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, God gave me such precious gifts in each of you; I love you and thank God for each of you. 

Simply put, to all of you who show up, step up, and seriously care, thank you! What a privilege to serve alongside of you each and every year! 


Monica T.

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