A Rise to Hope

i284571214481446524._szw480h1280_Compassion is being able to have the empathy for the pain of others. Have we become so numb to the violence that its just don’t matter anymore. Even though we here about the violence we see it displayed everywhere yet, for some of us we go about our comfortable lives and continue to move with no compassion at all for the people who are hurting. I have learned that, Mercy is the fruit of compassion. It’s the gift given to the suffering by those living out their compassion. In the New Testament, Jesus is often moved to mercy through compassion. Jesus’ compassion prompts Him to act and He mercifully loves, heals and rescues. However, some have resorted to name calling, blaming or shaming the very people that are the victims. If God was to call us on the carpet for our actions, reactions or no actions at all what would He say. We all will be held accountable for our lack of fire for justice, righteousness to be upheld in our Nation. We all are responsible to do something that will help bring change into a world that is falling apart day by day. God is speaking but are we listening or going about our way as if to be in denial of the reality that surrounds us. What if God would to come today and ask us to give account for our lack of compassion for the hurting, the suffering and those who are unable to defend themselves. To the body of of Christ i say rise, repent, and begin to bring about restoration to all People regardless of race, color or creed. This is not a rise for a specific political party this rise is for humanity at large.


Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. – Martin Luther King, Jr.




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