Say His Name

There is a saying that to remember the name of someone who you recognize put a name with the face so i did. George Floyd is his name  Though i don’t personally know him   however,  George Floyd represents all the African American men who died too soon! George Floyd, You deserve to be remembered with dignity and respect like all the others that where murder shamelessly and for what being black , really!  How sad how heart broken we are as a community to hear about another brother gone way too soon!  May your name Floyd George,  ring into the ears of your murders and all who have sat silently by, while countless more like you die daily at the hands of murders.  Some we know and many more like you are swepted away with out notice.  It is my prayer that your death will resound across the nation so loud so that those who are sleep and say that racism don’t exist will wake up from their sleep and face the reality that racism is alive it never ever,ever,ever died! And face the facts  that  things are not any better that’s a lie!  So, now that you have a name with a face you know and the rest of you know therefore,  we all are responsible to speak up and speak loud even if our voice quake. The fight for equality for all is and should be our top priority. Say His Name, His name is George Floyd.



3 thoughts on “Say His Name

  1. I love the fact that my sisters are doing something to ignite change and peace I live my sisters with all of my heart “SAY HIS NAME”

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