Little Dresses for Africa Project




Why Pillowcases?

While in Malawi on a short term mission trip, a small group of women saw the tattered dresses on these precious children and committed at that moment to do what they could to change things for the little girls in the villages of Ntcheu. While searching for simple patterns, someone suggested that a simple pillowcase pattern. With that suggestion, the excuses were gone!

Why Pillowcases? They are readily available and because the hem is already in the material, even a novice seamstress can be involved in this worthwhile project. The pillowcase pattern has been around since the Pioneer days.  They are simple, come in all sizes, materials and colors.  This idea was an instant hit and the word spread quickly around the country as people joined together in something so simple that would make such a huge difference in the life of a little girl.

These little dresses give us an opportunity to identify other needs that can be met.  Our focus is on clean water, education and community.  Other projects when we are in Africa, such as “Buckets of Hope” and medical days  are also funded by Little Dresses for Africa.


Pillow case pattern is great… Easy enough for a novice seamstress.
-Already has the hem and sides in it and easily available new and gently used.
-Brightly colored sundresses are perfectly suited for the African climate…but any simple pattern is also fine


Elite1Salon I Mission Project Worth Viewing!
We are hosting our very own sewing party in support of the Little Dresses for Africa and we want you to be a part of this amazing opportunity to support children and families around the world.See More

Send DownSong for AfricaOur very own theme song now available on ITunes!Download it today! Proceeds…

Support Water, Education and Community; 1…2…3…GO!





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