What do you truly value in life?

Everyone lives by a set of values, or a set of rules that govern our behaviors and reactions.  It is important to reflect on what those values are because they reach down into parts of the mind that a person may not be aware of.  Meaning, they are just below the thinking level, and will impact how we respond when we don’t have that time to think.  Every day brings situations where we react without having first had a chance to reflect on our thoughts and words.  The values that we have adopted and engrained can help us on that level, as they give pause to our words – they can act as a sort of filter.

You don’t have to think about it for long to realize that our values are important because they project our personality.  They communicate to others what the real us is like.  In some ways our values can say more than we would like them to. So, we hope you join us for our weekly devotional reading plan DEVOTION – HOPE4ME (hope14me.org) to learn more about values and to give serious time to assess, to do an inventory of Your values, to think about what is actually motivating you, may be unwise, even neglectful. And in the weeks to come to discover more about Christian values and reflect them.(hope14me.org)  https://www.tiktok.com/@hop14me/video/7220416506453347630?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=7180887616318785070

In His Grace,


 “Some of these people have missed the most important thing in life—they don’t know God”

1Timothy 6:21

What are life values?

Values are fundamental beliefs that motivate your actions and attitudes. Understanding your own life values can help you determine what is most important to you. Gaining a sense of what you value in life can also help you evaluate whether you are achieving your life goals.

Life values and work

Your values in life can also influence your priorities and how you spend your time. If you place a high value on spending time with your family or friends, your career considerations may include opportunities that allow you to achieve a good worklife balance rather than working 80-hour weeks. If competition motivates you, working in a fast-paced sales job where you compete against other salespeople to achieve your quotas may help you feel more fulfilled at work.

A Prayer for Today

Father God,
Without you, I have nothing, but with you, I have everything. Help me lay aside my selfish ambitions and the vain conceit that sets me up as defensive toward others. I want to have your attitude and mind. Help me to serve others with gladness and joy, knowing that as I do so, I am reflecting your mindset to the people around me. When I’m inconvenienced by a request, help me to rejoice that I get to serve. When I struggle with selfishness, help me surrender to the refinement that comes when I say “yes” to the work you’re doing in me and through me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

https://hope14me.org/2023/04/06/vision-board-workshop-part-ii-ready-to-draw-your-dreams/: What do you truly value in life?

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