Black History Month A Celebration of Beauty Culture: Fade

Fade haircut. The Fade haircut as a generic name refers to thehair on the sides and back being faded right until the hairline, so it is at the hairline of the sides and back of your head where the hair “disappears”.

The evolution of hairstyles has changed for Black men from the 1500s in West Africa all the way until the 20th century. The Jheri Curl, a permanent wave hairstyle, slowly started making its way in the 1980s but a new hairstyle took hold that is still pervasively worn even in present time. According to Byrd and Tharps, “In the 1980s we had what developed in Philly known as the ‘Philly fade’.” Some men had worn this version of the look as early as the fifties and by the eighties it was the keystone of Black male visual expression. This carried into pop culture mainstream as many actors and celebrities…

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