What Drives Your Life Day 3 ?

A person with a clear purpose will make progress, even on the roughest road. A person with no purpose will make no progress, even on the smoothest road. Thomas Carlyle

Everyone’s life is driven by something.

Many people are driven by guilt. What happiness for those whose guilt has been forgiven! What relief for those who confessed their sins and God has cleared their record.

Many people are driven by fear. fear driven people often miss opportunities because they are afraid to venture out.

Many people are driven by anger and resentment. The Bible says, to worry yourself to death with resentment would be a foolish senseless thing to do.

Many people are driven by materialism. Self worth and net worth are not the same. Your value is not determined by your valuables, And God says the most valuable things in life are not things.

Many people are driven by a need for approval, being controlled by the opinion of others is a sure way to miss God’s purpose for your life.

Nothing matters more than knowing God’s purpose for your life, and nothing can compensate for not knowing them.

Purpose Driven Life rICK wARREN

The Benefits of a purpose driven life/ Notes

  1. Knowing your purpose gives meaning to your life. When life has meaning you can bear almost anything. Without God life has no purpose, without purpose life has no meaning. Without meaning life has no significance
  2. Knowing your purpose simplifies your life. You simply ask, does this activity help me fulfil one of God’s purposed for my life. It defines what you do and what you don’t do. Your purpose becomes the standard you use to evaluate all your activities which are essential and which aren’t. Without a clear purpose you have no foundation on what you base decisions, allocate your time and use your resources
  3. Knowing your purposes focuses your life. It concentrates your efforts and energy on what is important It removes distractions. Today’s world is filled with distractions, so knowing your purpose separates you and gives you focus. There is nothing quite as potent as a focus life, one lived on purpose.
  4. Knowing your purpose motivates your life. Purpose always produces passion.
  5. Knowing your purpose prepares you for eternity. Living to create a earthly legacy is a shortsighted goal.

The path to personal peace

Are you stressed, anxious, or tense? What is stealing your peace of mind? Listen in as Pastor Rick explains how you can have the peace of God in your life.

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