Operation Love: Senior Care Food Program

Dear Family, 

On behalf of the Hope 1 Ministries organization, I would like to thank you for the contribution of food for the elderly people of our community. We are thrilled to have your support. Your donation is helping us to accomplish our goal of providing food to the hurting people in our community. In this pandemic situation, we have successfully reached a huge number or people by providing them food  free of cost. We really feel happy that we have a group of people like you. I am sure that the efforts of people like you will help this world to recover one day.

You have earned the blessings of a million people around the world. People like you are difficult to find. Me and my entire team thank you once again. Please let us know if we can help you in any way someday. We will be grateful if we get an opportunity to do something for you. Your act will always be remembered and appreciated by us. Thanking you once again. May God bless you in all the ways. Have a life full of joy and happiness.


Monica T. Hope 1 Ministries, Inc./Founder

Only What Is Done For Christ Will Last – C.T. Studd

 I’ve left you an example of how you should serve and take care of those who are weak. For we must always cherish the words of our Lord Jesus, who taught, ‘Giving brings a far greater blessing than receiving (Acts 20:35).

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”
– Dr. Loretta Scott

Are you looking for an opportunity to serve to give back to the community? Perhaps you would like to support and give towards our food drive for Seniors. Please click link in for more details on how to support Operation Love Senior Care Food Program. https://hope14me.org/2021/09/07/building-a-better-community-by-fighting-hunger-today/

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