Life Is Good For The One Who Is Generous!

Today was a good day to be a blessing to those in our community serving as teachers, para-professionals, administrators and staff. With the help and support of our friends and family Hope 1 Ministries packed and donates 70 plus lunch bags for the Teachers and Staff of Mendenhal Elementary School. Let us continue to support and pray for our schools everywhere!

If gratitude is worth millions, then you are a billionaire. Thank you for the priceless work you do as a volunteer. It will not be forgotten by me or by the people you’ve helped.
Psalm 112:3-8
Great blessing and wealth fills the house of the wise, for their integrity endures forever.4 Even if darkness overtakes them, sunrise-brilliance will come bursting through because they are gracious to others, so tender and true. 5 Life is good for the one who is generous and charitable, conducting affairs with honesty and truth. 6 Their circumstances will never shake them and others will never forget their example.  They will not live in fear or dread of what may come, for their hearts are firm, ever secure in their faith. 8 Steady and strong, they will not be afraid, but will calmly face their every foe until they all go down in defeat.  Never stingy and always generous to those in need, they lived lives of influence and honor that will never be forgotten, for they were full of good deeds.
Click link below for Today's volunteer highlights! 

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