Jesus Christ The Light OF Wisdom

In a world full of questions, Jesus’ wisdom can help us live in His understanding and light.

Wisdom is the principal thing. The word of God is the wisdom of God. The Bible verses listed on our daily DAILY DEVOTION – HOPE4ME ( about wisdom will show us the source of Wisdom and how to walk in the wisdom of God. God is the giver of divine wisdom, He gives to all that ask in faith, He doesn’t withhold from anyone.
In every area of your life, you must go for wisdom, you must let the wisdom of God guide you in decision making, especially when it comes to your destiny. These bible verses about wisdom will show you the benefits of wisdom and why you need it in your life. Study them meditate on them and speak them over your life. Read and be blessed.

In the past you were ·full of darkness [L darkness], but now you are ·full of light [L light] in the Lord. So ·live [walk] like children ·who belong to [living in; L of] the light (Ephesians 5:8).

My Prayer for Today

Lord, help me to come to You when I find myself lacking answers about situations that need to be changed in my life. When I have done all I know to do and don’t know what else to do, remind me that every answer I need resides with You. Your wisdom holds the answers I am looking for; therefore, I am making the decision to come to You now so You can start speaking to me! I pray this in Jesus’ name!

My Confession for Today

I boldly confess that I go to the Father when I need wisdom from above. He has the answers to all my problems, and He is standing before me, ready to help. God is on my side. He wants to help me. He is waiting for me to come into His Presence so He can give me the wisdom I need to confront and overcome every situation I am facing right now. God wants me to succeed, and His wisdom is what I need to achieve what is in my heart. So rather than try to figure it all out on my own, I run to the Father and ask Him for wisdom — and He is swift to give me the wisdom I need!  I declare this by faith in Jesus’ name! Wisdom | Renner Ministries

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