My Two Angels

image1 (2)Today I write this post in honor of all of the healthcare workers who are on the front lines of this corona virus pandemic around tbe world.  As well as highlight the life of my two angel nurses.  my mom Martha and sister Twaina.  Let me begin with my mom whom I have known all my life.  My mom has been graced by God with the gift of mercy.  And through out my life she has demonstrated her love and compassion for people within the community as well as her years of service in the medical field as a nurse. During, her career mom  would share stories of some of her  patients she had  cared for over the years and had grown close to.   It was not until my first mission s trip to Africa that I realize just how powerful and important the gift of mercy is.  As a result of that enconunter with God my appreciation of my mother and the gift of mercy grew! But here I was in Kenya miles away from home and God begins to talk to me about my mom and the beautiful gift of mercy. It was my mom who would reach out to those in need in our community and even today she continues to help  people.
Even further, sixteen years ago when we began Operation Love my mother accompanied me delivering personal care packs to the homerless and seniors in our community of Tampa Bay.  During, our evangelism and outreach events,  my mom has helped us distribute over 2500 personal care packs food and clothing to single families, the homeless and seniors.  My mother has  retired from her nursing career.  But she is still using her gift to support us in ministry as we work together to help hurting people around the world.  So, like my mom there are many nurses today who are tirelessly bringing comfort and encouragement to families and love ones affected by this virus. We thank God for our amazing angel- nurses around the world making this world a healthier place one patient at a time.

image1 (3)Similar, My sister Twaina has followed in my mothers foot steps and she is currently working as a nurse. Many of my sisters patience,  love the quality care she provides for them. She has a way of  making sure each one feels special and loved. Along with her meticulous way of making sure that things are cleaned and organized for her patience, the families love her for that!  My sister truly is an angel- nurse for the many families she provides home healthcare services for their love ones.  Like my mom,  my sister is graced with the gift of mercy and has supported many of our outreach and evangelism events in the community. To my sister and all the healthcare providers of today, we thank you for all that you do and not only for today but everyday.  Your gift of mercy and compassion to others does not go unnoticed.  We see you and thank God for you all.

downloadLets be kind to our Healthcare Providers❤️❤️ Lord thank you for all the healthcare workers who are on the front lines daily helping to keep us healthy and safe! We thank God for all that you are doing for many people around the world! We love you and thank God for you! May you be encouraged today knowing that God is with you and May His strength carry you everyday! #doctors # nurses #emt #:labtech #healthcareproviders

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