You Are My Hiding Place


You are my hiding place from every storm of life; you even keep me from getting into trouble! You surround me with songs of victory. Psalm 32:7

Today,  let us focus more on our mental health by making sure we stay connected to God and His Word.  Especially, during the crisis with the Corona Virus news that has affected all of us.  As a result of  this,  many of us may be experincing anxious and fearful thoughts that have the potentially to rob of our peace in God. May i leave you with these words of encouragement to help you stay calm and filled with God’s peace. When you are feeling  anxious, run to the place that will bring you peace over fear and anxiety. Talk with God about everything, its His voice that will bring peace to your soul.


Dear Abba,

You are my hiding place my dwelling place, I choose to dwell in the secret place; wherever you are Abba that’s where I want to be. At any time we can run to our place of safety from whatever place we are and find you there, Abba! And in that place we find peace, joy, and our foreverlove. We are not afraid in that place nor do we feel alone. We feel surrounded by, your love and security. We feel safe in that place! You are our hiding place where we dwell and meet together. Without any resevations or hesitations we can feel safe to be ourselves in that  place.
Not to mention,  there are no special rules to limit our access,  the invitation to come has been extended through Jesus is all we need. We are invited to be in that place and meet with you Lord! All fear is gone in that place, insecurity goes out the door and we can breath, center ourselves and come alive in that place where we dwell with you alone.
Father, I’m so thankful that we have a place of safety and acceptance to run too where unconditional love is poured out continuously and our joy tank is fill to overflowing! Thank you Abba that you have provided a safe place your girl Monica  to run to when life becomes so overwhelming that I`d rather check out, quit, give up or fade into the backdrop of life. You find me in that place and rescue me from the storms.  As I choose to enter into my hidding place with you, there you will find me and with open arms inviting me to come you Father.  In that place is where my heart is ignited with hope, my faith is restored and renewed again. Oh God, we thank you for you are our hidding place, our  forever love Always!  We love you Father, you are always providing, always protecting and sustaining us through life!

Grace & Peace


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