Blessed Are Those Who Mourn


Today,  may you join us as we explore another verse from the Sermon on the Mount Mathew 5:.4 “Blessed [forgiven, refreshed by God’s grace] are those who mourn [over their sins and repent], for they will be comforted [when the burden of sin is lifted].

The Beatitudes/Attitudes

The Bible tells us that we are blessed, refreshed , forgiven and comforted when we mourn over our sins and repent.

According to Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary the word mourn is defined as,  to express or to feel grief or sorrow; to grieve; to be sorrowful; to lament; to be in a state of grief or sadness.feel or show deep sorrow or regret for (someone or their death), typically by following conventions such as the wearing of black clothes.

Though, we all wrestle with doing what’s right or doing the right thing at the right time.  Let’s face it as human beings, we all miss the mark at some point in life.   And after all there is no big sin or little sin because all sin is sin. And according to the Greek: sin “ἁμαρτία, hamartia is, “missing the mark, error” and – ” Actual sin is sin in the ordinary sense of the word and consists of evil acts, whether of thought, word, or deed. So, what I gather from the text is that repentance is not a bad thing but a necessary thing for believers who follow Christ. Because when it’s done with the right attitude we are blessed by our Heavenly Father.  What matters the most is our attitude towards our sin and the sinful condition of our world.

Therefore, it all begins  when our attitudes concerning  our own sin change,  not the sins of others. As the text says, Mathew 5:.4 “Blessed [forgiven, refreshed by God’s grace] are those who mourn [over their sins and repent], for they will be comforted

We must begin to see ourselves in light of the Gospel, as broken, flawed, sinful human beings who are in need of Savior to forgive, wash and make us new people.  Our attitudes as disciples of Christ should not be as one filled with pride. However, our   attitudes should be one  of sorrow and repentance  towards our sins and the sins of this world.  In actuality, when we take on an attitude of humbleness mind.  As disciples of Christ, God meets us in that place to transform our lives and make us better human beings than we were before.

Furthermore, we find forgiveness and mercy  at the feet of Jesus.  When we fully come to the end of ourselves by recognizing our own shortcomings, egos and sinful pride.  All of these attitudes must go; if we are to become true followers of Christ.  The Lord is our Shepperd (Psalm23).  He will lead and guide us unto all truth. He will never leave or forsake nor will He abandon us in our time of need.   I pray that during, this Holiday season instead of being busy about the next event or outing let us draw even closer to God by reading His word, submitting to His will not our own and praying in the Holy Ghost for God to transform our lives and those that are around us!  We need revival! We need God to shake us individually as well our world.  I pray that we will allow the Holy Spirit to shine light on any area in our own hearts and  ask  Him for the help we need. So, that we do not take these old mindsets and attitudes into  a new year. Amen!











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