God is Life


Life is the vital principle, or breath of life, which God imparted to man, making him a living soul. It is the gift of God, mediated through faith in Jesus Christ. It is not synonymous with endless existence, which is also true of the unsaved. It is qualitative, involving the impartation of a new nature, resulting in fellowship with God in Christ, and is not interrupted by spiritual death. It will find its perfection and full reality of blessedness with God in the life to come for the believer. God has absolute life in Himself and is the source of all life.

Since God is life anything other than God is death. God breathed the breath of life into Adam thereby giving Adam a qualitative difference in existence than the other animals God created. Man was created to be able to commune with God and interact with Him. When man fell as a result of sin this relationship was marred. Only through a proper understanding of man’s relationship to God, and belief that Jesus died for the sins of the world to give man back the life God intended, can one once again have this qualitative existence of life in a right relationship with The Giver of Life – God. www.parentcompany.com/awareness_of_god/aog2.htm

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