Welcome!Summer Missions Trip 2015New Mexico July 18th-25th


 Hello and Welcome to our

Wow can’t believe it has been a year since my first mission’s trip to New Mexico! While I was living my own life the Lord called me to go on the trip last year. Though I was not excited about the opportunity in the beginning I’m thrilled to  know that I was a part of this great command from the Lord, and he said unto  them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mark 16:15 HCSB).

The picture above was taken on the last night of the
missions trip; with Mr. Michael Bailey the Mission’s Director for
Tasch Ministries. Pastor Michael is an outstanding Bible teacher and leader both to children and adults. Even though the week long trip was challenging; it was well worth the sacrifice. As we witnessed night after night the lives of many children and families changed forever.

Each day brought, its on set of challenges which motivated me to live and operate beyond my comfort zone.  As a result of spending one week in New Mexico; it
motivated me to become something more than I previously was.

More importantly, being on this trip brought me into a closer relationship with Christ and those apart our team. It helped to develop a level of  confidence within, to life fearlessly for the Lord!  There were a variety of opportunities every day to support the churches and community we were assign to such as; leadership training, outreach ministry, praise and worship, skits, crafts and games, cleaning and
organizing the children and youth ministries, cleaning and preparing the
outside of the church to be painted and more.

One of the highlights of the week for me was participating in the nightly praise and worship services with the children.  I particularly liked the mountain climb at
Window Rock Navajo Tribal Park as well. This was a very exciting and breathe taking event,
as we climb to the top of Window
Rock!  I had never done something like
this before and was so glad to have ceased the moment to create fantastic memories
for years to come!

Although, the hours were
long and the work was hard; nothing can compare to the excitement in the air during,
the Family Fun Feast. Where several hundred people, more children than adults came out to praise and worship our Lord! How amazing, it was to see the people
of Gallup, New Mexico respond to the Gospel with joy. Many received Christ into
their hearts, asked for prayer for love ones and received the baptism of the
Holy Spirit.

Although, my family and
friends wandered why I would go so far away just; to minister to hurting people when in
fact, there are hurting people close to home. Believe it or not, I use to feel the
same way but one week in New Mexico brought me to this conclusion. God needed to bring me away from my comfortable lifestyle to be
used in ways that were beyond my control. I had become to comfortable like many of us have become. Comfort and can sometimes mean complacent and as a result we can become cold
and unresponsive to the need of the hurting people around us.

It requires faith to step out of our comfort zones, so that Jesus can empower us to become something more that we previously were. Consequently,
the fire for hurting people and the things of God had been rekindled by this
mission’s trip.  People are hurting all around
the world; Luke 10:12 tells us, and he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but
the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to
send out laborers into his harvest. Above all,  I will always be grateful for the opportunity to have served with this awesome mission team to reach the Native American people for Christ.

New Mexico Summer Missions Trip 2015!

Since last year’s trip to
New Mexico, I have continued to pray for the people we meet during our
mission’s trip. We have decided to return again with the mission’s team to
minister to Native American people of Gallup, New Mexico.

One of my many passions in life is empowering young people to share their faith everywhere they go. So, we have decided to bring along the following group of young people that you will read about below.in this blog.  We sincerely ask that you pray about supporting us this year through prayer or if you would like to make a monetary donation  whether big or small can make big difference in our budget for this year to finance this trip.

Our goal to fund this trip is $5000 and already we have raised $1200 to date. This $5000 budget is for the five mission team members which includes; air fare, food, and shelter and ground transportation for one week in New Mexico. All the funds will go directly towards the Summer Missions trip 2015 to Gallup, New Mexico.  

We want to thank you again for your financial support and prayers God bless you and your families.


Monica Tucker, M.A. TH.

Founder &  President of Hope 1 Ministries Inc.

P.S. You can make checks payable to Hope 1 Ministries, Inc.



Team Member: Adarie Tucker age:19; recent graduate of   Brooks Debartlo Collegiate High School plans to attend University of Alabama  in the Fall.  Adarie currently volunteers for the Rotary Club of North Tampa and Operation Love(since 2004)


Mission Team Member Soriah Sandlin age 12: Middle school student at Progress Village Magnet School. Soriah loves to dance and currently takes classes at her Performing Arts Magnet School.  She adores playing with her little puppie Cocoa.   


Mission Team Member Deonna Davis age 11; student at Cahoon Elementary School. Deonna loves to help out during our downtown annual Christmas Outreach to support the homeless.  She love to have fun with her family and friends and spending time with her new dog Tyson.  Deonna loves arts and crafts and enjoys making hand made jewelry for her mother.


Mission Team Member Miaya Tucker age 14;A student Buchanan Middle School and excited to attend High School in the fall.  Miaya loves to sing Opera and play her alto-saxophone in her spare time.  Miaya loves to help us during the Christmas Holidays; as we prepare gifts for the homeless in Tampa.


Mission Team Member Neico Davis age 9 a student at Cahoon Elementary. Neico is a bright student who loves to have fun and play with his dog Tyson. He also likes to build and create things with his legos. Neico enjoys preparing the personal care packs for to homeless during the Christmas Holidays. Elementary student at Cahoon Elementary 3rd grade.  Neico loves to prepare the personal care packs for the homeless every Christmas.  His favorite past time is playing with his new dog Tyson and lego toys.   

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