image      In-kind donations of food and personal care Items are a great way to get everyone involved and support Operation Love.  Food, school supplies and toys will go directly to support individuals and families in our community.All italicized items in bold print are our most critical donations needed to support our program.


Ø  Shampoo & Conditioner 8-16ounces
Ø  Brushes and Combs
Ø  Body lotions  8-16ounces
Ø  Knee highs (nude and black please).
Ø  Word search puzzles
Ø  Gift cards
Ø  Women and men slippers-(3o pairs) 
Ø  Coffee, tea, hot chocolate
Ø  Cologne, body sprays
Ø  Razors, Shaving cream
Ø  Tissues/ pens, pencils


Ø  Shampoo & Conditioner- travel sizes

Ø  Brushes and Combs/

Ø  Body lotions- travel sizes

Ø  Non-perishable food items
Ø  Toothpaste, tooth brush, mouth wash, dental floss- travel sizes
Ø  Deodorant, soap, body wash
Ø  Mints, candy, gum
Ø  Blankets/Toilet paper
Ø  Hand sanitizer, wet wipes, wash clothes
Ø  Pocket size New testament Bibles
Ø  Socks, (200 pairs)
Shaving cream/Gloves
Ø  Gallon size zip lock bags/Feminine hygiene products
    Single Families

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