Blankets and Socks Drive

Helping the Homeless in the Winter: What You Can Do

He picks up the poor from out of the dirt,rescues the forgotten who’ve been thrown out with the trash,Seats them among the honored guests a place of honor among the brightest and best.

Psalm 113:7-8

Who We Are

Our Story

Here at Hope 1 Ministries, we deliver socks directly to the feet of homeless folks living on the streets in Tampa Bay and around the world. We began in 2004, when we were delivering personal care packs and blankets to the homeless families in Tampa Bay. Over the years we have learned that socks are the least donated, most requested item of clothing, and we knew that something so many of us take for granted every day could make a world of difference to those without homes. Since then, we have hosted several Outreach Events in our community and around the world, delivering socks and care packages directly to people in need. We have made many friends along the way, and we love what we do.

What We Do

Deliveries, Donations, Partnerships

Sock Deliveries

When we say we love what we do, we mean it! We are a very small team of regular people, just wanting to help others. Founded by Monica Tucker in 2004, Operation Love has always been a feet-on-the-ground type of team. So, wherever we hear there are folks in need of a clean pair of socks on their feet or fresh toiletries Operation Love is there to support. We make it a priority to meet the needs of the people. We love to see the look on the faces of our homeless friends every holiday, when we also bring a surprise or a sweet treat for everyone!

Collecting Donations

Operation Love runs exclusively on donations. From our friends and families to generous strangers who hear about us by word-of-mouth, we have been fortunate to have enough socks, blankets, scarves, and personal care items donated to us to help fulfil our mission to help as many hurting people as we can. Once your items are donated, they’re brought in for sorting and then distribution!

Working Together

We have been blessed to work with some other great organizations, including Panera Bread, Publix, Wawa and Dicks Sporting Goods. Every Friday night, we collect fresh unused foods from our local Panera Bread and deliver them to our regulars during our weekly ministry outreach. Publix and Wawa have donated gift cards, food, water and personal care items for distribution to our regular friends. Through these partnerships we are able to help more hurting people in our community and around the world. And raised awareness for the homelessness crisis in America.

​Our Mission

Operation love Christmas 2022: our mission is to provide blankets and hygiene items gently used or new towels for those without homes in our community. Simply hit the link to view items you can donate towards Operation Love 2022 Christmas Outreach.

Sock Drive for Homeless Neighbors to Benefit Our Tampa Bay Community

If you would like more information about the sock drive, please contact: Monica Tucker @ hope14me@hope14me

 The donation of socks could be contributed drastically to helping the homeless population stay safe, warm, and healthy.

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